nitrous oxideNitrous oxide/oxygen may be used to help an anxious child before or during treatment. It is a sedative agent that is both safe and effective. In addition, it works well for children whose gag reflex may interfere with their dental procedure.

We know that all children are not alike, and we tailor every service to our individual patients. Nitrous oxide/oxygen may not be effective for every child; especially those who experience discomfort wearing a nasal mask, have nasal congestion or have severe anxiety. We will review your child’s medical history, dental treatment needs, and level of anxiety and discuss our treatment recommendations with you prior to any treatment. Pediatric dentists have comprehensive specialty training, and we will offer other sedation methods to you if it is determined that nitrous oxide/oxygen is not right for your child.

We hope you will feel comfortable discussing your child’s treatment options with us so we may answer all of your questions, and discuss your concerns.

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