snacking and your teethMany children love sugary snacks, but sugary snacks can cause cavities. Sugars and starches mix with the bacteria that live in your mouth and produce acids that cause cavities. Snacking less than three times each day allows saliva to counteract the effect of acids and repair tooth enamel.

Tips to help prevent cavities:

  • Eat fresh fruit, vegetables and cheese. These foods increase saliva flow, which neutralizes damaging acids.
  • Encourage your child to sit down and enjoy a snack in one sitting and do not let your child eat continuously.
  • Drink water after snacking to help rinse the sugar off the teeth. It is even better if you can brush after snacking.

Snacks and Foods that are good for your teeth:

  • Fresh fruit, Vegetables, Cottage Cheese & Frozen Yogurt
  • Cheese and String Cheese
  • Eggs and Nuts
  • Meat and Water

Foods and Snack to limit:

  • Raisins, Dried Fruit, Honey and Juice
  • Chips, Cake, Tea, Coffee with sugar
  • Jellies, Jams, Milk and Kool-Aid
  • Lollipops, Hard Candy, Sticky Candy, Bananas and Soda
  • Chewy Granola Bars, Crackers/Cookies, Energy Drinks
  • Fruit Rolls, Fruit Snacks, Donuts, and Sport Drinks (Gatorade)

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